PhD in Nutrition and Food Science

Academic year 2020-21

What is it?

This PhD programme provides in-depth core and applied research in human nutrition and its associated or derived illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, degenerative diseases, obesity and malnutrition, and neurocognitive disorders, as well as healthy ageing.
In order to expand students’ knowledge, research will be undertaken in nutritional epidemiology or the food and nutritional characteristics of populations or population segments, the molecular mechanisms involved, and the inherent food techniques of human nutrition.
This provides a wider range of elements that enable us to define and recommend diet and practice for a much healthier lifestyle.

What will you learn?

Core up-to-date training in human nutrition and food science. Students will acquire the skills needed to find and access documentation and scientific literature, as well as statistical techniques inherent to epidemiology, molecular biology and epigenetics. The programme provides knowledge into how to undertake systematic reviews and meta-analyses; skills in how to write scientific articles and papers for scientific conferences and meetings, as well as communication techniques; and the ability for teamwork. It also supports establishing relationships with multidisciplinary professionals.

What will you be able to do once you finish?

Those inherent to the award of a PhD: professional promotion, wider knowledge, applicability to business, institutions and society, and accessing jobs that require a PhD qualification. Training in human nutrition will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for specific job opportunities.

High-quality official study

Legislation requires that official Spanish degree programmes receive a positive assessment from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA, by its Spanish acronym). This process is known as verification, and it serves to ensure that education programmes are properly designed to provide the competencies and reach the learning goals around which the programmes are built.

The European Higher Education Area requires that there be a system in place to ensure the quality of degree programmes .

The doctorate programme is subject to constant assessment and improvement processes that guarantee that it maintains a certain level of prestige and renown in Europe. You can see the results of the assessment processes in the results section .

Health Sciences
Certification coordinator Dr. Josep Antoni Tur Marí
Double PhD degree. Inter-university Doctoral Degree (See the technical details for more details)
Precio de la tutela por año académico ¤210.00
Precio de la tutela y conceptos administrativos por año académico ¤270.60

Composition of the Academic Committee

Josep Antoni Tur Marí
Isabel Lladó Sampol
  • Adamo Valle Gómez
  • Ana Maria Proenza Arenas
  • Antoni Pons Biescas
  • Antoni Sureda Gomila
  • Jordi Pich Solé
  • Magdalena Gianotti Bauzà
  • Maria del Mar Bibiloni Esteva
  • Pilar Roca Salom
  • Sílvia Fernández de Mattos

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