Doctoral Degree in Human Cognition and Evolution (TCEH): 2014-15

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Title Description

Candidate profile and admission requirements

The PhD program in Cognition and Human Evolution at the University of the Balearic Islands admits students whose training is as follows:

  1. Ability to prepare a PhD thesis related to the field of human cognition research and development process, particularly in regard to: (i) the management of bibliographical sources (journals, databases) most used research in the field indicated, (ii) familiarity with the concepts, methods and general interpretative models specified research field.
  2. Background information relevant to services provided in the grade level, studies of Anthropology (Physical and / or Cultural), Biology (Human Genetics, especially), Psychology (Experimental Aesthetics and Neuropsychology, especially) or philosophy (Philosophy Mind, philosophical Anthropology). At the graduate level, more specialized knowledge about at least one of the following knowledge areas: (i) human evolution processes (ii) anthropological characterizations of current groups in the process of globalization (iii) relations between cognitive processes and brain structures. Knowledge of the research carried out related to neo-Darwinism, psychology of basic cognitive processes, analysis of mental disorders and neuroimaging will be especially appreciated.

Specialist and Cross-cutting Training Activities

First Term:
* To be established

Second Term:
* To be established

Tutorial Plan

Students who have completed the Master degree in Cognition and Human Evolution, the Academic Committee will seek research interest and preference for a particular director for his thesis. Regarding admitted students who have not attended this master, the Academic Committee will consider their interest and motivation to enroll in the program, proposing a tutor to contact depending on the area of research chosen by the student.

At the end of the first year, the student must present and defend their thesis project (the "live thesis"), before at least two teachers different to his/her director or directors.

The Academic Committee will resolve justifiably cases when a change of Director or tutor os requested.

The Code of Good Practice and the Charter of Thesis with the rights and duties of both the director and doctoral tutor, are the models of the University of the Balearic Islands to establish a good practice guide for management and monitoring of training activities and doctoral dissertation., the Regulation on the organization of university doctoral candidate at the University of the Balearic Islands specifies in more detail guidelines on the supervision of doctoral theses in Articles 9-13, through the development of the Royal Decree 99/2011.

The direction and supervision of training activities and the doctoral thesis conform the
" Procedures for doctorates of UIB (RD99/2011) "

Academic Committee Members

Coordinator  Camilo Cela Conde
Secretary  Enric Munar Roca
Member   Antoni Gomila Benejam

General Objectives

The aim of the PhD program is the training and certification oriented towards research study:

  • (i) the human perceptual and cognitive structure, in particular higher functions among which are the unique features in evolutionary terms (autapomorphies) of linguistic communication, moral behavior and conduct of aesthetic judgments (language, moral and aesthetic)
  • (ii) grounded on individual circumstances, including changes due to emotional states, diseases and aging,
  • (iii) and shaped by the social dynamics that have shaped through history, groups that are inserted in the behavior of individuals.

Research Areas

  1. Human Evolution
  2. Cognitive psychology
  3. Emotion and motivation
  4. Human Perception
  5. Experimental Psychology
  6. Cognitive Neuroscience of higher processes
  7. Neuroscience of cognitive aging
  8. Clinical Neuropsychology
  9. Human apomorphies: Language, Aesthetics, Moral
  10. Human Culture
  11. Diversity and globalization of human groups

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