PhD in Translational Research in Public Health and High Prevalence Diseases

Academic year 2017-18

What is it?

Currently, it is believed that biomedical research should be focused principally on investigating the causes and mechanisms that underlie the development of diseases, so that patients stand to benefit when scientific and clinical studies intersect, whether this be in the form of improved diagnostics or better treatments. This is what is known as translational research. Along this line, the doctoral programme aims to promote this type of research in the field of public medicine and on the major diseases that are being studied by the various groups that make up the University Institute for Health Sciences Research (IUNICS, by its Catalan initials) and the Healthcare Research Institute of the Balearic Islands (IdISBa, by its Catalan initials).

What will you learn?

Producing a dissertation in the field of biomedicine under the framework of research institutes comprised of scientists and medical professionals allows for candidates to have direct contact with an environment that will enrich them professionally, whether they have basic science backgrounds or already have clinical experience. Carrying out research work in these fields, in addition to opening professional prospects, allows for the creation of an innovative, research-based culture that strengthens the future professional outlook of candidates, opens new pathways, and prevents tasks from becoming monotonous and therefore uninteresting.


High-quality official study

Legislation requires that official Spanish degree programmes receive a positive assessment from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA, by its Spanish acronym). This process is known as verification, and it serves to ensure that education programmes are properly designed to provide the competencies and reach the learning goals around which the programmes are built.

The European Higher Education Area requires that there be a system in place to ensure the quality of degree programmes.

The doctorate programme is subject to constant assessment and improvement processes that guarantee that it maintains a certain level of prestige and renown in Europe. You can see the results of the assessment processes in the results section.

Imatge estudis
Health sciences
Certification coordinator Dr Marta Monjo Cabrer
Double PhD degree (See the technical details for more details)
Corresponding centre Doctoral School
Precio de la tutela por año académico €210.00
Precio de la tutela y conceptos administrativos por año académico €270.60

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